"For best results, dab at low temps"

Live resin is made with fresh frozen cannabis flower that is kept at subcritical temperatures throughout the extraction process.  This prevents degradation of the cannabinoids and terpenes so that the effect and flavor of the fresh flower are represented. The oil or "sauce" can be dabbed, vaporized or added to flower.


Banana OG Live Resin Sauce

66.87% THC

Lineage: Og Kush x Banana

Aroma & tasting notes: Very sweet over ripe banana

Effects:  Patients often find Banana OG helps relieve muscular pain, can create loss of appetite, and some suffering from insomnia may also benefit from it. 


Gasoline Live Resin Sauce

72.05% THC

Aroma & tasting notes: Gas, Limes

Effects:  An even balance of relaxation and mood boost


Sherbet Live Resin Sauce

67.38% THC

Aroma & tasting notes: Citrus, Earthy, Sweet

Effect:  Sherbet melts away sour moods and tension and leads to a carefree mindset and physically relaxed state. 


Wedding Cake Live Resin Sauce

77.06% THC

Lineage: GSC x Cherry Pie

Aroma & tasting notes: Earthy, Vanilla, Sweet

Effects:  Wedding Cake will allow you to feel like you're celebrating, it can bring about euphoria and relaxation.


Key Lime Pie Live Resin Sauce

75.07% THC

Lineage: Cherry Pie x Durban Poison

Aroma & tasting notes: Earthy, Minty, Citrus & Spice

Effects:  Key Lime Pie provides you with relaxing body effects that can help to relieve chronic pain.


Live Resin Is The Freshest Cannabis Product Available

  • Live Resin begins by freezing the plant at harvest rather then drying with the purpose of capturing the essence of the entire live cannabis plant.
  • The sweet, fruity aroma of the fresh plant is transferred into something you can taste. It has been given the well-deserved title of “the champagne of concentrates” because of it’s luxurious flavor and higher price point.
  • Since live resin has more terpenes, it has more flavor and aromatics. Terpenes work with your body when you smell and inhale them. These spellbinding oils actually modulate the effects of THC, so they are your key to knowing if a particular strain is right for you.

Humboldt Terps Council Sauce 1g