Calm (3 pk)


Calm is our only product featuring a single strain, due to the incredible healing properties of The Gift.  Formulated by our partner farm, UV Organics, this terpene-rich and highly sought after CBD strain results from years of experimentation and refinement. The record-breaking terpene counts in The Gift are believed to activate the healing properties of CBD. Many have acknowledged this specific strain for its ability to relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety. 


Relax (3 pk)


Relax is an indica-dominant THC blend designed to aid in rest and sleep. The effects of Relax focus on soothing and comforting the body and mind to produce a state of tranquility. Relax helps to slow down racing thoughts and fidgety muscles.


Mingle (3 pk)


Mingle is a hybrid THC blend that helps facilitate social experiences with an even mix of energy and ease. The blend can help with motivation, confidence and camaraderie. It is designed to soothe social anxieties and enhance bonding experiences.


Imagine (3 pk)


Imagine is a sativa-dominant THC blend that produces heightened psychoactivity. It is known to initiate innovative and “outside the box” thinking. It is great for brainstorming and ideal for both creating and appreciating art and music.


Trance (3 pk) OUT OF STOCK


*High Times Cannabis Cup Winner

Trance is a high THC indica blend with superbly sedative body effects. This highly hypnotic blend may be further amplified by lights and sounds. Prepare to enter a supreme state of relaxation. Our Incredibly Infused Trance Pre-Rolls feature cold-water hash from Nasha Extracts.


Transcend (3 pk) OUT OF STOCK


Transcend is a hash-infused, high THC sativa blend designed to elevate your consciousness. You may see, hear or feel sensations in a new and different way with Transcend. Your ideas may break through boundaries into brand new territories. Our Incredibly Infused Transcend Pre-Rolls feature cold-water hash from Nasha Extracts.


Sampler Pack (5pk) OUT OF STOCK

Explore each experience: Calm, Relax, Mingle, Imagine, and Transcend. Between our CBD, THC and Hash-Infused blends, you’re sure to discover your Perfect Pre-Roll.   

Lola Pre-Rolls

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