All offered in either 5 strips or 10 strips



Lively Elation

Feelings of delight mix with a bubbling sense of inspiration and whimsy. ACTIVE can give a pleasant boost to a day hike, a trip to the museum, or enduring the advanced spin class your friend dragged you to.



Buoyant Delight

Mild euphoria is coupled with a light giddiness, and an enthusiasm to mingle. SOCIAL can enliven dinner parties, board game night, or attending your high school reunion.



A Cerebral Boost

Brings a happy edge to purposeful thinking, as well as a more centered outlook. FOCUS is the perfect complement for making music, a new online class, or tackling last year’s Christmas lights.



Quiet Contentment

Adds a touch of well-composed serenity, while exuding a gentle warmth throughout the body. CHILL brings another layer of calm to morning yoga classes, a long flight, a relaxing massage, or hanging out with the in-laws.



Try Them All

This full assortment leaves you free to explore each of our distinctive experiences—wherever they may lead you.

OLO Sublingual Strips