All 15ml




Elevate Your Experience

Amplify was designed to combine with vaping and smoking flower to maintain that elevated feeling without needing to continually smoke. The perfect blend to give you the energy you need.




Joyful & Balanced

Harmony is for consumers seeking less intensity with a balanced THC and CBD blend, which creates a pleasant, relaxed, and more social experience.



2:2:1 CBD-THC-5HTP

Sleep Formula

Sleep tight tonight with this bedtime formula that will calm both your mind and body. In addition to the perfect blend of CBD, THC and 5HTP, Tranquility is also infused with melatonin, so getting a good night’s sleep is in reach. Also, just great for relaxation.



25:1 CBD-THC

Calming & Healing

Sunrise is not just for morning. This is the blend for consumers seeking high CBD for a calming effect whil