If you suffer from pain or other symptoms due to a health condition, we have good news: You no longer need to just suck it up. You can dissolve your symptoms away instead with Trokie.


Trokie lozenges deliver a reliable and consistent microdose of medical cannabis that can take effect in as little as five minutes, and last up to eight hours. They come in a variety of THC, CBD, and hybrid formulas along with multiple flavors to satisfy your personal needs.

Gluten-Free | Sugar-Free | Vegan | Lab Tested


At Trokie, we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to medical cannabis. That’s why we’ve developed multiple lozenges with different CBD, THC and hybrid formulas. The chart pictured will help you find the right Trokie to alleviate your individual symptoms.


What you can expect from Trokie Lozenges:
– Trokie Lozenges go to work fast, taking effect in 5-30 minutes
– Trokie Lozenges dissolve in 30-45 minutes
– Symptom relief for four to eight hours


Varities Offered:


CBD 100mg

CBD 9:1

Indica 100mg

Sativa 100mg

Sleep 1:1 with Melatonin

Sleep CBD with Melatonin

Trokie Lozenges