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We believe that it is our responsibility to fully educate our community about the science of cannabis. Through our outreach program we strive to provide the most advanced information for medical cannabis therapies designed to relieve various ailments including cancer, anorexia, AIDS, chronic pain, cachexia, persistent muscle spasms, seizures, including but not limited to, those associated with epilepsy, severe nausea, glaucoma, arthritis, migraines, and other chronic or persistent medical symptoms that substantially limit the ability of the person to conduct one or more major life activities.



Philanthropist, Visionary, Humanitarian, Cannabis Activist, Entrepreneur & CEO

Valentia Valentine (Piccinini) is a highly successful and accomplished professional. A native of California, Valentia began her career in the commercial real estate industry where she served businesses throughout the Central Valley for over 25 years. Valentia has spent a lifetime giving back to the many charities and she has become synonymous with philanthropy on the Monterey Peninsula. Valentia has raised over $14.5M for Make-A-Wish and other local non-profits on the Monterey Peninsula including: Multiple Sclerosis (CCQLP), Parkinson’s, Hospice Giving, Kinship Center, Monterey County Food Bank, Women’s Gathering, CASA, Transitional Veterans, Boys & Girls  Club,  Rancho  Cielo, California  Partnership  for  Youth  (CPY), AIM, Meals on Wheels, and  many  other  local organizations... Read More



David graduated from Idaho State University College of Pharmacy in 1983.  He has been a community pharmacist on the Monterey Peninsula for more over 35 years.  David has gained the respect of the medical community and his patients by his high standards of taking care of each patient with dignity and respect.  He recognizes the need to extend this same standard in the cannabis community and intends to continue with the same professionalism. He can help bring individuals a better understanding that cannabis is a viable, safe and effective alternative/adjunct to conventional medicine enhancing therapeutic outcomes through education.


Registered Nurse

Karen Mankins earned her associate degree in nursing from Maurine Church Coburn School of Nursing in 1995 and has been a registered nurse living and working in Monterey County for the last forty years.  Karen has worked in many different settings from acute care to Hospice home health. A born caregiver, Karen found her nursing niche early on in Geriatrics, and has managed an assisted living center for the last eight years.

Three years ago, Karen’s career changed forever when she was approached by a patient’s daughter who had a special request: she wanted her mother to drop narcotics in favor of a natural pain relieving alternative– medical cannabis. After witnessing her patients relief (and lack of side effects), Karen’s
experience with medicinal cannabis treatment marked a turning point in her career.

A member of the American Cannabis Nursing Association since 2014, Karen has become a dedicated medical cannabis advocate. A distinguished leader in her field, Karen has given lectures on Cannabis use amongst Seniors at the Stanford School of Medicine, Dominican University, the Carmel Foundation, the San Francisco Bay Area Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association, Carmel Valley Manor, The Parklane, Maurine Church Coburn School of Nursing, Monterey Rotary, and many other organizations.


Registered Nurse

Ksenija is a registered nurse of 30 years. Her career in intensive care nursing (PACU) demonstrates her expertise in various patient disease states.

Nurse Ksenija utilizes her broad knowledge of medical conditions to provide exceptional counseling to patients and caregivers.

She is a patient listener and strives to find the best match of cannabis products for each individual. Ksenija maintains strict patient confidentiality.

When not working, Ksenija enjoys time with her family and volunteering for a local Foundation.


RNA, CNA, HHA, Cannabis Certified

Jennifer was born in Lansing, Michigan. Her formative years were spent in Winter Park, Florida. She has been a resident of the Monterey Peninsula for 25 years. The first 13 years were spent working in DUI law, being instrumental in implementing a driver safety program in Monterey county. Then to go on to becoming her most important and favorite job of being a mom and wife .Jennifer has two children and after her kids began attending school, she became anxious to start serving her community once again.
Jennifer became a Nursing Assistant, Restorative NA, and reignited her fulfilling passion to serve and help others. There after, she worked in the Home Health industry, caring for people who were suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Dementia, Epilepsy, Anxiety , Cancer and Hospice care.
That’s where Jennifer met Valentia Valentine (owner of Synchronicity Holistic). Valentia was using Cannabis and I saw it’s positive results in treating her debilitating symptoms of MS. MS has been close to me. I have two sisters who suffer from this disease. Valentia was Inspiring and enthusiastic, eager to share her knowledge and experience, trickling it down to any and all.
Seeing Cannabis in its application and being what she calls “Boots on the ground”, watching the patient’s quality of life begin to improve as well as seeing adverse effects from this beautiful plant made me want to have a better understanding on how Cannabis works in the body, and the science behind it. More importantly how to better serve her patients as a caregiver and advocate. Jennifer became certified in Cannabis and is humbled to its potential and knowing we have lots to continue to learn. I am excited for this wonderful opportunity Synchronicity Holistic has provided, and look forward to making a positive impact on our patient population, as well as supporting our Cannabis consumers as a whole.


Compliance Officer

With dispensary experience spanning three states, Regina is equipped with knowledge of cannabis regulations and dispensary best practices. She graduated with a B.A. in Philosophy from the University of Wisconsin, where her coursework focused on Business Ethics, Logic, and Communication. Regina was drawn to the cannabis industry because she believes in the use of cannabis as a medicine and recognizes its potential to help people achieve wellness and balance.



Kendra Collins has been working on the Monterey Peninsula in a Management capacity for over two decades. She has come to Synchronicity with a corporate retail background where she was a public speaking educator for a large local grocery chain. However, her passion for the Cannabis industry started just five years ago when she walked into Higher Level in Castroville as a medical patient. She was blown away by the amount of knowledge and education the budtenders wanted to share. This inspired her to self educate and learn everything she could about this amazing plant. Kendra eventually started working as a receptionist for Higher Level before becoming a budtender, and finally she was promoted to Purchasing Manager. Kendra then went on to work for OZ distribution and there, she obtained the knowledge that pertained to the distribution side of the cannabis industry. Kendra, has since then, also been involved in the opening one of the newer dispensaries on the peninsula, The Reef. There, she was the inventory manager starting opening day; that was until she came to Synchronicity Holistic, the premiere Cannabis Wellness Center. Here, she is able to continue to share her knowledge and passion for cannabis education nearly every day.


Visual Merchandiser

I have learned a great deal in the six years I have spent working as a cannabis professional and consultant. My father began suffering from Crohn’s disease at a very young age and once I came of age to understand the wonders of cannabis, I was able to help him to stay out of the hospital, but also to maintain a positive outlook on life despite his disease. He isn’t one for getting “high,” so I took it upon myself to monitor his dosage to ensure his intake are all products with a low THC higher CBD levels; so far it is working wonders for him.
I find that micro-dose medicating has really helped me to rebuild myself to the person I want to be by reducing my anxiety and relieving my depression. I have helped open two other dispensaries locally and was a purchasing manager for one of them for 4 ½ years. I have gained knowledge on the floor and behind the scene, helping me to better understand the process and the product.
My passion is for educating patients who have never tried cannabis, and helping regular users as well. I take every opportunity to learn from others and their personal experiences, and enjoy passing along the knowledge I have gained over the years. The one thing I have come to know is that everyone’s body is different, and no one person is going to react to a product the same as another person, just like with any other medication. What I have built my life around is helping people, and if this is what I do for the rest of my life, I couldn’t feel more blessed to do so. One day at a time, reinventing how people see cannabis.


Business Development

Cynthia Vandenberg is has been a Carmel resident for 33 years. She earned a Multi-disciplinary BA from SJSU, and is a credentialed STEM and CTE Educator. Cynthia has over thirty years experience teaching and coaching people of all ages, from Elementary through Adult. While raising a family, she freelanced as a Business Developer, Quality Assurance Analyst and Technical Writer. As a professional in military, senior, and business environments, she recognized the common desire among these diverse adult populations for a natural, plant-based solution for sleep, pain, and anxiety. She is now devoted to helping individuals find healthier alternatives to damaging chemical compounds. She is currently involved with the UCLA Cannabis Research Initiative to advance scientific knowledge of the impacts of cannabis in healthcare and society.


Natural Health Consultant

Rebecca became a Natural Health Consultant 25 years ago and recently retired from Pharmaca Integrated Pharmacy as a Health Educator. After a near death experience Rebecca pledged to earnestly persue modems that would prevent others from the pain and drain of their debilitating illness. The story of the fox chasing the rabbit sums up her quest for life. The fox is running for his dinner while the rabbit is running for his life. Synchronicity Holistic is the opportunity rabbits are seeking.

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