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At Synchronicity Holistic, patient care comes first. Rather than take a one size fits all approach in our product recommendations, we like to take the time to truly hear our patients and their concerns. We custom tailor our patient's programs to best fit their needs and monitor their progress to ensure optimal improvement. In our private consultation room, you will be able to confidentiality discuss your physical or mental health concerns, current medications and overall goals to feeling healthier and happier.
We are proud to introduce our new sponsorship with Leaf411.

Leaf411 is the first cannabis nurse hotline and guidance service. It serves alongside our patient educators to provide a non-bias source for information from licensed professional nurses with specific training on cannabis and how it can impact specific conditions and symptoms. 

Consumers who have multiple questions or would like more in-depth information can schedule a guidance session by clicking 'schedule a call' below or with help with our patient educators in-store.


Available in half-hour initial sessions and 15-minute follow-up calls, guidance calls are held via phone and cost $25 per session but with Synchronicity Holistic, the $25 fee is waived with our special code.
Call or stop by Synchronicity Holistic to get the code!

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