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I typically don’t write reviews however about 18 months ago I was traveling with a work colleague and his girlfriend. I was complaining about my back pain and joints after playing a round of golf. They asked if I’ve ever tried CBD for pain, I was quite skeptical but tried it and it literally changed how I manage pain. I’ve been playing competitive golf for 32 years and it has taken a toll on my joints and back. I can categorically say without CBD I would not be able to swing a club or play competitive golf. I would like to personally thank my work colleague but more then him is his girlfriend Valentia Valentine who has a vast knowledge and understanding of all the CBD products. Golf is more enjoyable without back or joint pain. Lastly, if you’re experiencing pain I would strongly recommend taking the time to spend 10 minutes with Valentia and she will change your view about how to manage pain with CBD.

Jim LiCausi

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