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• Ultra-premium oil with no artificial additives
• Natural terpenes for rich aroma and flavor
• 200 draws or 50 experiences (500 MG)
• Includes magnetic ring for easy connection to Stylus


Offering cannabis flowers with names like Calm, Cruise, Create, Connect and Charge, Canndescent has an effect to compliment every lifestyle. This allows both experts and novices alike to curate, control, and enrich their cannabis journey, pairing strains with activities. If you can answer, "How do you want to feel," you can personalize your cannabis experience and select any of our products.


CALM:        Indica

For restful sleep, relaxation or relief, soothe yourself with Canndescent Calm.


CRUISE:       Hybrid

Keep up the pace, relax your mind, and sail through the day with Canndescent Cruise.


CREATE:      Hybrid

When it’s time to paint, jam, code, blog or game, find your muse in Canndescent Create.


CONNECT:    Sativa

When it’s time to laugh, go out with friends or get intimate, invite Canndescent Connect.



To get off the couch, take a run or go out for the night, power up with Canndescent Charge.

Canndescent Cartridges .5g

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