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Birthday Cake

Indica Hybrid

Sweet tooth? Help yourself to a big ol’ puff of Birthday Cake. The light creaminess of this indica hybrid will leave you fully glazed and slightly amused. Baked, just like a cake.


Blue Kush

Sativa Hybrid

Turn on, tune in and drop out with Blue Kush. The grounded vibrations of this sativa hybrid are clear, but relaxed and a little daydreamy. Unlock your inner Zen master with her spicy-sweet vapor.

Charlie Girl


Electric Jah


Plug into Electric Jah for an uplifting buzz. This balanced 1:1 CBD session vape will bless you with a cool menthol jolt of performance-enhancing clarity. Recharge, refresh and keep it moving.


Charlie Girl


Charlie Girl is a lowkey creeper. She swiftly moves from chill to chatty as the hybrid effects of her earthy vapor take hold. This jovial valley girl is, like, way fun and a total winner.


Ringo's Gift

High CBD

Everyday’s your birthday with Ringo’s Gift. It’s the strain that keeps on giving. Unwrap this mezcal-flavored high CBD vape to reset your baseline, not get ripped. Whatcha waiting for? Treat yo’ self!

Chemistry Cartridges .5g

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