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Sweet Retreat

High THCa

This thoughtful blend of non-psychoactive THCa alongside a microdose of THC has been known to deliver sweet relief from a myriad of minor aches, pains and inflammation without the high. Pro tip? Combine with one of our full-spectrum CBD tinctures.


Per 1mL Dose: 10mg THCa | 1mg THC 



High CBD

Homeostasis out of whack? It ain’t easy being bipedal. Our AC/DC tincture delivers a thoughtful mix of CBD, CBDa and THC to help smooth out life’s edges and bring a touch of equanimity to the day. 


Per 1mL Dose: 7.6mg CBD | 4.3mg CBDa | .62mg THC



High CBD

Ready for some relaxation in your life? Our Serpentine tincture is a one way ticket straight to the chill zone. Knock off the edge without the slouch. 


Per 1mL Dose: 6.6mg CBD | 3.8mg THC

Chemistry Tinctures

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