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Blue Dream


With boasts of sweet berry aroma, this classic strain produces uplifting effects for all occasions.


Girl Scout Cookies


A sweet and earthy aroma matched with a creamy exhale induces immediate uplifting effects followed by a mild body high.


Grapefruit Kush


This creative kush offers the distinct aroma of sweet citrus with an underlying tart aftertaste prompting complete relaxation.


Jack Herer


With a satisfying taste of crisp pine and sage enveloped with spicy citrus undertones, this timeless strain is an instant energy booster.


OG Blueberry


The sweet taste of fresh blueberry and whipped cream combined with relaxing effects create a distinct sense of euphoria.


Sunset Tea


A high-CBD blend infused with fragrant lavender blossoms and chamomile for a soothing and calming impression. Ratio 2:1.

Kurvana Cartridges .5g

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