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Our products are made from pure Cannabis flowers. They are wonderful to taste and are rigorously tested to the most exacting quality standards, which is why Raw Garden is the most trusted and best-selling brand in Cannabis.


Raw Garden Live Sauce is 100% Cannabis – no additives, fillers or artificial flavors. Made from Cannabis flower grown by Raw Garden in Central California using entirely organically-based and Clean Green-certified farming techniques that is Cryogenically Flash-Frozen immediately at harvest. Contains approximately 7-14% terpenes and comes in a wetter consistency than Raw Garden Live Resin.


Cookie Stomper Sauce (1g)


(Dos Y Dos x Chemstomper #17) Hybrid


Gaviota OG Sauce (1g)


(Lime OG x Sour Crack x Grape Crinkle) Hybrid


Leeroy OG x Citrus Sap Sauce (1g)


(Triangle Kush x Rare Dankness #2) x (GG#4 x Tangie) Indica


Slurm Fuel Sauce (1g)


(Lime OG x Cherry Slurm) Indica Dominant Hybrid


Strawberry Gas Sauce (1g)


(Leeroy OG x Strawberry Jack) Indica Hybrid



(Trainwreck x Jack the Ripper x Trinity) 



Raw Garden Extracts

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