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It is with heartfelt gratitude and appreciation that I reach out to each of you for your continued support this past year.

Synchronicity Holistic has been coined the “Cartier of Cannabis,” in California, the only cannabis destination featuring a pharmacist and nurses. Synchronicity, gratefully, has received so much heightened recognition with articles written in Forbes, Senior Women, Health Matters, MG Magazine, California Leaf and most notably Architectural Digest. It is with great honor and joy that Synchronicity Holistic reached national acclaim for “Top 10 Cannabis Wellness Destinations” in the Country and a recipient of the 2021 Carmel Award for Excellence in Health and Wellness.

Despite all of these gains, the reality of doing business in the California cannabis space has been a gut wrenching and exhausting experience for every cultivator, manufacturer, and retail storefront. Cultivator prices have tumbled from $2800 a pound to down $400. Due to oversupply, high taxes, overregulation coupled with no tax write offs, the legal CA cannabis market is near collapse. Over fifty percent of cannabis licensees on the Monterey Peninsula, will not be renewed and will be forced to close; mergers and acquisitions will continue to soar. Seventy eight percent of CA sales are coming from the black market.

Upon Synchronicity Holistic’s inception, we made it our mission to provide compassionate relief to those suffering in our local patient community. We have been offering affordable care by lowering prices, offering robust discounts, and running special promotions.

As such, in 2021 we have given away:

Client discounts totaling $207,000

Loyalty rewards totaling $32,800

Given the operating constraints and financial regulations placed on those in the cannabis industry, we are saddened to say that, per our advisors, we will no longer be able to provide such robust discounting.

As we move with intention in 2022, we now offer new specials and promotions below:

Monday - Flower 50% off the 3rd 1/8th

Tuesday - 10% Tinctures & Topicals

Wednesday - 10% Edibles

Thursday - 10% Beverages

Friday - 10% Flowers & Prerolls

Saturday - 10% Concentrates & Cartridges


10% Barnyard Verified Employees

10% Teachers Discount

15% Veterans

10% Wisdom Discount (Seniors)


Spend $1500 get $100 off

In the event this creates a financial hardship for you, we are more than happy to provide our compassionate giving program for your convenience.

In 2021, Synchronicity’s Community outreach also donated to:

Alzheimer's Association

Hospice Giving

Meals on Wheels

Monterey Hospitality Association

MS Monterey

Power Over Parkinson's

Rancho Cielo

I’m often asked about our company’s vision statement: FULFILLMENT OF INTENTION:

Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. David Simon of the Chopra Center became my doctors in 2010. It was through my studies with them that I saw shifts begin to occur in my health, and as a result it is my intention to dedicate my life’s work to advocate for cannabis wellness.

In the New Year, I invite you to take a peek into

In gratitude, wellness & health,

Valentia Valentine

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