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Autism & Cannabis

The world offers bountiful options for us to choose from as we go through our life journey. As we continuously educate ourselves we can find which nutrients for example can promote a state of optimal health balance and with intention we can use those nutrients in achieving homeostasis and find improvements across our well-being.

At Synchronicity, we take pride in continuous learning and education. This month we honor those who live with the neurological and developmental disorder known as Autism. In just the United States alone, '1 in 44 children are diagnosed with Autism each year (4).' Making it crucial to find options for those individuals to live a comfortable and safe life with their families and care-givers within their communities.

Our bodies give home to the Endocannabinoid System. This system is a complex nerve cell signaling system that modulates the central nervous system's function and helps maintain [the body's] homeostasis - the state of equilibrium in the body which all the organs function optimally, maintaining physiological, cognitive, and emotional balance (5). The cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant can offer balance to the Endocannabinoid System allowing relief to an abundance of symptoms people are experiencing from different aliments, diseases, and disorders.

We found great insight to share with our community with reference to Cannabis for Autism Harm Reduction. CannaKeys's article on Nurse Janna's expert and personal experience with the opportunities cannabis has for Autism patients. With limited FDA approved pharmaceuticals for Autism treatment, many families have gravitated towards including cannabis in their wellness routine.

["In addition to positive patient outcomes, and desirable safety profile, the research also supports cannabis as an optimal approach for addressing Autism symptoms... This includes some important areas for treating Autism such as neurotransmitter balance, immune modulation, and decreasing inflammation. " (2). ]

I hope this article helps elevate your knowledge on this important topic of cannabis for Autism harm reduction, and I hope you will join me in advocating for improved legal access and expanded use of cannabis for Autism and many other disorders and diseases that families safe every day around the world. .

As April comes to an end, let us remember to look forward to the future and set your intentions as we enter into May.

World Autism Month - April 2022 - Awareness around the Endocannabinoid System and Autism


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