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Cannabis & Women's Sexuality

Cannabis, women and sex have a long and intertwined history. While cannabis has been used in both solo and partner scenarios for a long time, there has been a recent boom in products designed specifically for women, to enhance their natural sexuality and increase pleasure, empowerment and happiness.

More women are using cannabis to fight pain and help with gynecological conditions. In fact, a recent study found it was quite common. According to WeedMaps, “After surveying 1,011 women across the United States, researchers found that two-thirds of respondents said they use cannabis products, while more than one-third of those claimed to have used it to treat gynecological issues. The survey, conducted by the Oregon Health and Science University (OSHU) in Portland, also showcased that 63% of the respondents who had never used cannabis said they would also consider using it for a gynecologic condition.”

Cannabis & Women: A Match for Centuries

Women using cannabis products for their sexual health is not a new idea. In fact, it’s been around for centuries.

“The earliest references to cannabis use for female health issues can be found in ancient Mesopotamia, when women would blend cannabis with mint and saffron to create a botanical agent called Azallú to address menstrual pain. Ancient texts in China, Persia, Israel/Palestine, and Syria all recommended cannabis for an array of complaints that impact women, including painful cramps, bloating, abnormal bleeding, menopausal symptoms, and urinary tract infections. In ancient Europe, women helped ease their contractions during childbirth by grinding cannabis into honey and introducing the botanical substance vaginally. In the 1800s, Queen Victoria used cannabis likely in a liquid tincture form to relieve her menstrual cramps. Years later, in the mid 1900s, Victorian doctors even promoted cannabis tinctures during menstruation.”

Cannabis Products to Enhance Women’s Sexuality

Leafly agrees that cannabis products make for a great sex life. “In one survey from 1984, more than two thirds of respondents reported increased sexual pleasure and satisfaction after cannabis use. In an informal poll collected by a journalist, 67% said cannabis makes sex better. And we’ve even seen a study that shows cannabis users have more sex.”

There are some incredible companies formulating products specifically for women to learn how to incorporate cannabis into their female wellness routine. Here are our favorites.

Foria’s Pleasure

Foria’s cannabis products are not only beautiful and luxurious, they also pack some incredible benefits for women to heighten sexual pleasure, in both partner and solo settings. As they explain, “In the right quantity, with the right delivery method — and with a little help from CBD — a THC buzz can be a marvelous, dreamy, sensuous experience for you and your lover, enabling you to explore your bodies and minds with joyful abandon – as people have been doing for millennia. But make sure your playground is fully prepared: create a soothing setting, give yourself all the time you need to relax and breathe deeply.”

Synchronicity loves the Foria products we have in store - stop by and visit us to speak with our nurses and pharmacist about which product may be right for you.

Humboldt Apothecary’s Lotion Potion #7

A handy little product that is supposed to “promote a positive mood and healthy libido,” our team loves Humboldt Apothecary's Love Potion #7. The company is a women owned and operated gem out of Humboldt, where they use their 25 years of herbal medicine experience to create everyday cannabis products to benefit women’s health and wellness routines.

We look forward to seeing you stop by Synchronicity Holistic to speak with us about how these products can transform your life to help you feel empowered, beautiful, and comfortable. What products do you use to enhance your female sexuality? Share with us!


We have an exciting event coming up we’d like you to have a part of! For both men and women to experience sexual rejuvenation.


Votiva creates vaginal rejuvenation and treats pelvic floor relaxation and stress urinary incontinence by stimulating neocollagenesis with radio frequency technology that is highly controlled by a sophisticated computer.  Neocollagenesis means essentially- growing new collagen.  Collagen causes the vaginal tissues to plump as well as become more elastic.  There is also a tightening effect on the tissues which will treat stress urinary incontinence and pelvic floor relaxation. It is not painful.


The Morpeus device is utilized to treat the skin (all over your body) that you want to tighten and eliminate wrinkles. It is used with a topical numbing cream.  It also uses radio frequency technology and is an advanced micro needling hand piece.

Both devices use radio frequency (essentially computer regulated heat and micro needling). Both are very well tolerated by the patients and have little to no discomfort associated with the treatments. Both treatments have little to no down time.

Z Wave Pro made by Zimmer

It can be used to treat different medical problems all over the body.  The primary reason for this device was to safely treat erectile dysfunction without pharmaceuticals.  This avoids adverse side effects as well as drug-drug interaction or contraindications concerns.  The Z Wave Pro improves the blood supply to treatment areas and allows, for instance, erectile tissues to engorge completely without taking any medications. The treatment is not painful and the device can be used to treat a myriad of medical conditions such as peripheral neuropathy and tetanically (chronically) contracted muscles in painful spasm.The Z Wave Pro uses "shock wave technology".  Like an MRI, it utilizes magnets to activate and release many times per second to create pulses of energy that are harnessed to improve blood flow and break up microcalcifications in blood vessels.

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