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4th of July: Freedom, Cannabis & Wellness for All

The U.S. Independence Day Holiday, or the 4th of July, is a welcome pastime during the summer for those who love to spend time outside, with friends and family, and enjoy watching fireworks and having backyard BBQs. While many of the large gatherings and events have been cancelled, the spirit of freedom for all can’t be taken away.

Although we are seeing protests and unrest around the country with the Black Lives Matter movement (which so far has accomplished much, but still has a long way to go and we support them in full solidarity), the spirit of America and the sense of freedom we celebrate can be accessible to all in an equitable world.

This 4th of July, let’s celebrate freedom - the freedom to love, to live, and to enjoy legalized adult-use and medical cannabis in California - the freedom for all to achieve wellness with this beautiful and versatile plant.

We Are Free to Pursue Wellness

Cannabis can be an essential part of your wellness routine, as our fearless founder Valentia has seen firsthand. She was recently featured on the Canna Mom Show Podcast where she discussed her healing journey and the role medical cannabis played in her treatment for MS and related complications.

Valentia’s experience with medical cannabis was nothing short of remarkable. She found an enormous amount of relief that changed her life: less pain, more manageable inflammation, improved sleep and most of all, improved mobility. Although she never smoked a joint, she found great relief using alternative methods of delivery including tinctures, topicals, capsules, edibles, and concentrates.

Once confined to a wheelchair because of the crippling effects of MS, her energy and zest for life returned as she was engaging in life more fully - she was walking again with a walker and now with only a cane. Because of her life changing experience, Valentia has been compelled to educate and heighten awareness for the local patient communities to open a cannabis-focused wellness center to help free others from the pain, anxiety and sleeplessness coupled with various disease states. That’s how we have Synchronicity Holistic today, which offers a lifeline for community members suffering from similar diseases and symptoms.

Help Your Pets Be Free From Fireworks Anxiety

Many pets including cats and dogs have heightened fear and anxiety during fireworks shows and the large noises of gatherings common on July 4th. Pet owners see promise in CBD for helping to treat their animals’ various conditions. We’ve seen anecdotal experiences where pets have been calmer and less stressed during loud noises like fireworks with the help of CBD.

According to AKC Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr. Jerry Klein, there has been anecdotal evidence that CBD oil may help to treat pain and control seizures in dogs. Dr. Klein noted that while there isn’t any conclusive evidence, there are also little known risks to treating pets with CBD. Visit us to discuss how CBD may be beneficial for your pet’s wellness routine.

Freedom Specials at Synchronicity for the 4th of July

Enjoy your cannabis products in California free from government interference. We are lucky to be one of the states that has legalized cannabis for medical and adult-use, so our community members can be free from pain, ailments, and worry of law enforcement.

Stop by this week and visit us to celebrate freedom! For our 4th of July promotions, we will be highlighting the following products:

  • Keef Sodas - Root Beer, Orange Soda, & Cola

  • Cannabis Quenchers - BUY 2, get 3rd for $0.01

  • 15% off Vet CBD for Pets - (has shown to reduce anxiety in pets during firework shows)

  • 15% OFF Pantry olive oils

Come by and visit our licensed nurses and pharmacist to speak about what products may be right for you, or your pets. We look forward to seeing you!

Celebrating freedom is important, but it's equally important to remember our roots and honor the path those before us took to get where we are today. To learn more about June’s Pride Month and Black Lives Matter protests, read our post here.

To find out about pet CBD and the freedom your furry friends can feel from pain using these products, learn more here.

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