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The History of June’s LGBTQ+ Pride Month

This June and every June, we celebrate LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Plus Others & Allies) Pride Month, which honors the anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall Uprising in Manhattan. While today Pride is often signified by parades, rainbow flags, and free love in the streets, its history is much more difficult. A civil rights movement that intersects with interracial rights movements like Black Lives Matter, Pride is an important month to remember the fight LGBTQ+ peoples have had to endure to gain the rights and sense of humanity they have today. Let’s dive into the history of Pride Month and discuss why it’s so important to honor.

The 1969 Stonewall Uprising

On June 28, 1969, the Stonewall Riots, or Stonewall Uprising, began with a police raid of a gay club in New York City called the Stonewall Inn. This forceable removal of gay people sparked a riot throughout bars and the surrounding neighborhood which sparked protests and civilian uprisings that lasted six days. The idea of a weeklong series of protests and riots may seem violent to many, but we are looking at a very similar uprising situation right now in our time with the George Floyd protests against police brutality. The Stonewall uprising served as the catalyst for the gay rights movement to spark around the world today.

Gay Pride Day Grows into Pride Month

Originally the last Sunday of June was celebrated as Gay Pride Day with the actual date being flexible, but Pride Month quickly picked up speed to encompass activities and rallies throughout the whole month of June. According to the Library of Congress, “Today, celebrations include pride parades, picnics, parties, workshops, symposia and concerts, and LGBTQ Pride Month events attract millions of participants around the world. Memorials are held during this month for those members of the community who have been lost to hate crimes or HIV/AIDS. The purpose of the commemorative month is to recognize the impact that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals have had on history locally, nationally, and internationally.”

Pride Month Goes Digital

While most years the streets are filled with rainbow celebrations, this year the Pride activities look much different due to social distancing and event cancellations in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Look to your favorite groups and communities to find out what they have planned for Pride in the lieu of in-person events. The odds are something is happening each day in June, and it eliminates the need to travel to further events, so you can attend celebrations nationwide!

LGBTQ Pride Month Resources

For more information on Pride Month and to immerse yourself in its activities, here are some resources:

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